Dublin North East Sinn Féin -- Building an Ireland of Equals


Published: 14 June, 2012

From: Cllr. Larry O'Toole, Artane Whitehall Ward, Dublin City Council 31 Buttercup Park, Darndale, Dublin 17. Cllr. Micheál MacDonncha. Donaghmede Ward. Dublin City Council. City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2. Denise Mitchell. Sinn Féin Representative. Artane Whitehall. 18 Ayrfield Court, Dublin 13. As part of the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme three sites were shortlisted for the construction of a controversial major sewage plant. One of the proposed sites is at Fingal County Council land on the other side of the N32 close to Clonshaugh estate. This sewage plant will have a profoundly negative effect on the surrounding area in both potential growth and effect a lot of residents residing in the areas of Riverside, Clonshaugh, Newbury, Darndale, Kilmore, Bonnybrook and Glin. The proposed location in Clonshaugh would be just across the N32 from Moatview, Belcamp and Darndale on the lands between the Hilton Hotel and Bewleys Hotel. This proposed sewage plant will cater for Swords, Blanchardstown and the rest of Fingal plus parts of Meath and clearly should be located at a more suitable location in Fingal County area and not on the outskirts of the Dublin City residential area. The sewage outfall from the Clonshaugh location would also pose a serious environmental threat to the strands at Portmarnock; Baldoyle Bay and Malahide and would likely breach EU environmental policy. The placing of the plant at this location would also have serious implications for the Fingal/Dublin City Council North Fringe Local Area Plan. We would respectfully implore you at this stage to remove the proposed Clonshaugh site from the equation. 14th June 2012.